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TrueHLTH Files Provisional Patent Copy

Sarah Lowe

Jun 28, 2023

TrueHLTH Files Provisional Patent for AI Systems to Prevent Downturns Associated with Chronic Diseases

Healthcare Even Better

ALPHARETTA, GA., June 28, 2023 / -- TrueHLTH, a patient advocacy and healthcare navigation company, has announced the filing of a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its innovative platform. The platform is designed to assist individuals with chronic conditions and their caregivers in identifying and overcoming personal challenges related to proactive care intervention.

The TrueHLTH platform operates continuously, providing support 24/7 throughout the year. Its primary goal is to address the existing gap in the healthcare system for those suffering from chronic diseases. Scott Genone, co-founder and CEO of TrueHLTH, brings his 30 years of experience in healthcare technology leadership and firsthand knowledge of navigating the complexities of care delivery in the U.S. with his own family’s experiences with his oldest son’s condition and his personal challenges with Crohn’s Disease.

Mr. Genone emphasizes the importance of earning patient trust through unparalleled advocacy, which in turn leads to patient activation and engagement with the platform. Active engagement enables continuous data capture, which powers TrueHLTH’s artificial intelligence (AI) system. The AI system utilizes the captured data to evolve and anticipate challenges, enabling proactive intervention to help patients maintain wellness.

TrueHLTH is driven by a mission to address the needs of patients and their caregivers, viewing the problems from their perspective. By focusing on patient-centered solutions, TrueHLTH aims to improve the healthcare experience for individuals with chronic conditions.

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