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CareAlly Network

The CareAlly Network is designed to create patient trust through healthcare advocacy. Trust leads to patient engagement; engagement provides enriched data; data powers insights; insights give us the knowledge to act.  Understanding a patient’s personal challenges is key to proactive intervention and wellness.

There are numerous barriers along the patient journey that the CareAlly Network will look to identify such as:

  • Clinical barriers – medication side-affects, comorbidities

  • Financial barriers - out-of-pocket expenses, coverage limitation

  • Process barriers- Prior authorization, appointment scheduling

  • Educational barriers - medication adherence, nutrition, fitness

  • Access barriers – geographic isolation, poverty, transportation,

The CareAlly Network is an always-on (24/7 x 365)  disease-state specific community designed to help identify individual challenges and seek intervention on the patient’s behalf.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease 


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Coming Soon


Psoriatic Arthritis

Coming Soon

The IBDAlly community is designed to create an active alliance among people living with IBD 
(Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis) and their caregivers to improve coordination of care,
reduce IBD related costs, and ultimately improve health outcomes.

Higher patient activation is associated with better self-management behavior, improved
treatment adherence, better clinical outcomes, improved care experience, and less emergency
department visits and hospitalizations. In IBD, specifically, patient activation is also associated
with less anxiety and depression, higher rates of remission, and increased quality of life.

Healthcare made even better is powered by TrueHLTH 

Our belief is that a paradigm shift to patient centered care can’t be fully realized through new payer and provider models. It will only be realized when patients are engaged and empowered to demand better as the true consumers of healthcare. 


We are excited to ally with patients to make accountable care a reality. 

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